OurPast events

Invitation to the ‘WORLD WE WANT’ Festival in Amsterdam

The Resource Center for Women and Girls will be attending a Festival, 'The World we Want' in Amsterdam, invited by one of our partners Mama Cash from 25th to 30th June.

Together with GENET from Malawi, an organisation which seeks to advance the rights, status and well-being of girls, the RCWG will be part of the festival as well as a conference at The Hague where we will be discussing differences and similarities between girl's activism in Kenya, Malawi and Netherlands. This will not only be an important platform for us to network with other organisations, but we will also build our capacity through learning from the experiences of other organisations.

School Visits

The Resource Center for Women and Girls is keen on expanding our networks and increasing our impact numbers. This year, we plan to do this by visiting various schools where our alumni and camp participants go to school. This ensures that we have a larger pool of girls we are working with and we have the support of school authorities.

Parents Day

Our mentoring camps would not be successful without the support and collaboration of parents. Not only do we understand the importance of the role of parents, we also want to tap into them as a resource. It is with this additional support that we can ascertain a measure of sustainability for our alumnae.

August AFIA Program Event

The Afia program is a very unique element in our organization. The program plays a key role in ensuring that we are able to track our alumni. This also ensures that we have events where our beneficiaries meet more often and are able to be in touch with one another independent of our mentoring camps. We are in the process of planning to host an event for all our alumni and beneficiaries at our office in Machakos during the August school break. This is a good time in our calendar to organize for that event because most schools that our beneficiaries go to would have closed and the girls will be available to attend and benefit from the event. It will be a sexual and reproductive health themed event as we will hold discussions revolving around different ways that women and girls are deprived to make choices pertaining to their own bodies. We will have debates and get to hear from different participants about different stereotypes and myths about women bodies from their communities.