A Few Words aboutResource Center for Girl and Women

The Resource Center for Women and Girls is a non-governmental organization based in Machakos, Kenya that works with girls and young women from rural urban Kenya.
The Center uses the mentoring camp for girls as a tool through which we seek to achieve personal transformation and empowerment for young African girls, so that they are better prepared to participate in the leadership and development of the African continent.

The project was initiated in Kenya in 2007 and registered as a trust in 2008.

Our program is holistic, emphasizing on linking physical and mental, spiritual and environmental well-being.

We empower the girls by developing their confidence and personal skills, through widening their knowledge base on issues of critical importance during the mentoring Camps which include:

2. Sexual and reproductive health and Rights,
3. Harmful traditional practices such as FGM & Gender Based Violence
4. Governance
5. Oral her story
6. Peace building and conflict resolution, among other fundamental issues affecting the lives of young women and girls.

Our Vision

A space where rural-urban school girls aged 15-20 years are empowered for transformative change.


  • To increase the knowledge base of rural-urban girls about women's human rights
  • To train and mentor young Kenyan girls to help develop awareness about themselves as agents who must play a role in facilitating transformative change
  • To enhance their understanding of their social environment
  • To empower them to be more conscious actors in that environment, thus developing their confidence to promote positive action
  • To encourage and facilitate the training of a critical mass of like-minded, empowered women who can make informed choices and can be agents of change.

Our Values

* Sisterhood
* Transparency
* Leadership
* Excellence

Our Mission

To facilitate personal growth and increase the knowledge base and awareness of girls so they can be part of a critical mass of young African women who are making informed and effective choices about their lives, and who will be part of a new generation of female African leaders and agents of transformative change in their communities.