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The Resource Center for Women and Girls is a non-governmental organization based in Machakos, RCWG Amsterdam TripKenya that works with girls and young women from rural Kenya. The center uses the mentoring camp for girls as a tool through which we seek to achieve personal transformation and empowerment for young African girls, so that they are better prepared to participate in the leadership and development of the African continent. The project was initiated in Kenya in 2007.

Notably, urban people have been exposed to a lot of international and current life styles. We have therefore made it our mission to remind people just how amazing rural people came be. One beautiful thing about rural areas in Kenya is the presence of diverse culture that give us the chance to have as many options to improve on our services.


Our Experience

We currently have more tha nine years of experience with this mentroship program. Majority of our board members began this noble act with us back in 2007. The sunset from our location shines on our beautiful mentees during camps, AGM and other events such as barberque events.

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Our Alumni

Ivy Nyawira

Ivy Nyawira is a graduate student from University of Nairobi where she pursued Bachelors Degree in Sociology and Philosophy. She is passionate about contributing to the lives of young girls. Through the Resource Center for Women and Girls, she has been exposed to different opportunities to train and be trained on issues affecting young women, especially in terms of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, leadership and resource mobilization.



Esther Mbete

One very important thing that the camp did to me was to help me realize that i have a voice. I have been able to question some of the things happening around me assertively like the issue of girls and inheritance. Its amazing how voice can overturn situations!! I am armed with information relevant for every situation i encounter in life and besides all a group of sisters who never let me down whenever i need them. Esther Mbete is a camp alumni from the pilot camp in 2007 and the office manager of the RCWG office based in Machakos. She is currently a student at St Paul's university pursuing a degree in sociology.

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